Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Overheard in New York

Hey I had an overheard quote published on Overheard in New York!

The Wednesday One-liners K-Hole
Woman: Hey, so have you ever tried crack? --78th & Madison
Overheard by: Andrew C

Girl: So I say to her, "It's just a fucking junkie, step around him and let's go already." --Park Slope
Overheard by: jake

Hobo: Will somebody please give me $20 so I can buy crack-cocaine? --6 train

Girl: I don't like anything snow-like. Except maybe cocaine. --110th & Broadway
Overheard by: djlindee

Suit on cell: I am so fucked. So fucked. I'm going to be at the office all fucking night. I need some energy. I need some coke. Where's the closest high school around here? --40th & 6th

Girl: Wow. I never knew bongs were so pretty. Oh, sorry, "decorative tobacco pipes". --Washington Square Park

Dude: We were doin' blow and she was 14. It was weird. --Silver Swan, East 20th Street Overheard by: Katie Jeffreys

Man: If you have some pot, please let me know! --Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, West 46th Street

Man on cell: The thing about Alberto is that he criticizes everybody's drug use except his own. --22nd & 7th
Overheard by: Mark M

Girl: What do you mean, you don't smoke weed? That's mainly what niggas be doin' these days! --Wendy's, 56th & 8th
Overheard by: Melissa Gluzband

Teen boy: Come on people, I'm not selling crack...Y'all want some crack, then? --F train
Overheard by: PSE

via Overheard in New York, Mar 29, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

February Books Bought/Read

February Books Bought
On Bullshit by Henry G. Frankfurt

February Books Read
On Bullshit by Henry G. Frankfurt

On Bullshit is a little essay getting to the bottom of what bullshit is, essetially comparing it to lying and humbug, mostly in terms of what the intent of the bullshitter is. Thought it would be great but was hardly exhaustive. Probably sold most of its copies because of the title (guilty as charged!)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Friday - Sunday in AZ

On Friday morning I headed out to Tucson to visit Mindy. It was a long drive but I made it in time for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (Charro's) and meeting up with some friends of hers.
windmills on the drive to arizona

I stayed with her at her parent's house Friday and Saturday night. It was good catching up with her and meeting her Tucson crowd. I was able to take care of some errands (such as shipping back some purchases and souveniers) while in Tucson since it was a less crowded schedule.

katie and mindy!

On Saturday morning Mindy had to work, so I went up to Mesa to see Jon, Lisa and Aislyn Boggs. Aislyn is such a little doll! They had a wedding to go to, so I headed back out to Tucson just in time to catch another beautiful desert sunset


Saturday night we went out to dinner with her mom to a nice restaurant called Elle in Tucson.

Sunday morning I packed up the car and my things, had a liesurely breakfast at Mindy's. As I was getting ready to drive away from Mindy's two little quails chased each other across the road! Finally, I headed off to Vegas for my flight home, again amazed by the scenery. It was a long drive (including passing the Hoover Dam) and I was nervous I would miss my flight, but it was delayed for over an hour. I sat watching the Olympics and planned to do this blog, but my computer battery was dead! Finally made it on the plane (a Song flight which I love for their tvs at each seat).

neat clouds

All in all I drove over 2000 miles!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday - Mexico!

On Thursday I awoke early again to get down to Ensanada, Mexico. First I hopped on the San Diego Trolley (light rail) for a 45 minute ride to the border. Then a quick walk across a footbridge, and I was in Tijuana.

The Border

Then I hopped on a coach bus for the ~2 hour ride to Ensanada. It is further south down the coast of Baja California. They are known for being near wine country, as a stop for cruise ships, and for the blow hole ("la bufadora") which I had hoped to see, but didn't make it to. I arrived during the siesta hour, so walked around for awhile just seeing the sights (including these mariachis).


Then I stopped into one local winery located in town rather than in the hills. I bought some real vanilla and a bottle of wine before heading on my way.


I happened past a fabric store, so had to check it out. I ended buying some typical mexican woven fabrics and some others that I thought were unique. The exchange rate is about 10 pesos to 1 dollar, and the dollar is pretty strong in Mexico now.

fabric store sign

At this point I was famished, and the restaurants had reopened. I went over to a wine bar to get some lunch/dinner and to sample wines from up in the mountains. While sitting at the bar I struck up a conversation with an American businessman who does his manufacturing (of traffic lights) in Mexico. It was nice to have someone to chat with and he even picked up the tab for my dinner before heading out! I wrapped up the night with a quick stop at Hussong's, where the margarita was supposedly invented.